Counterprotesters Quell a Planned “Block Party” in Kenton Intended to Discourage RV and Car Campers

A post appeared Friday evening on the social media app Nextdoor in a group called “Protect Our Neighborhoods—PDX” announcing a block party intended to irritate people living in RVs and other vehicles on a North Portland street.

The post, from a woman who lives in the Kenton neighborhood, was a flyer for a Saturday afternoon event. She placed it in a Nextdoor group that has 303 members.

The flyer was adorned with cartoon houses and balloons. It read: “Block Party Saturday—make noise and discourage the new RVs. 1 pm this Saturday, bring snacks, drinks, chairs, loud instruments, stereos—let’s be loud and obnoxious for the campers and say hi to our neighbors while we do it.”

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