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Portland: What Needs to Happen

End the Humanitarian Crisis on Our Streets

Transition homeless Portlanders from inhumane, dangerous camps to safe, sanitary temporary housing solutions with access to mental health and addiction services

Strengthen Accountability & Justice

Require body cameras on all police to ensure transparency and accountability for those who enforce the law and those who break the law

Reform & Reinvest in Public Safety

Expand the Portland Street Response to engage those with mental health and addiction challenges; add more police for neighborhood patrols and to reduce rising violent crime

Restore Cleanliness & Pride

Initiate immediate government action for sustained citywide clean-up of garbage, dangerous waste, and graffiti

Politicians: Listen to the People

Portlanders Agree, Elected Officials Are Failing Our City.

Polling Question: I am going to give you a list of aspects of life in Portland. Please tell me whether you approve or disapprove of the way City and County elected officials in the Portland area are handling it.
Polling Question: If things do not seriously improve before the next election, how likely will you be to vote to replace your current elected City and County representatives: very likely, somewhat likely, not too likely, or not likely at all?

Emergency Action Wanted on Homelessness

End the Humanitarian Crisis on Streets

84% believe tent encampments on Portland streets are a humanitarian emergency that is getting worse and requires more urgent action from city/county officials

Strong Support for Safe Villages; Transition from Street Camps

85% support establishing safe, sanitary villages with shelter-housing that include access to food and water, lockers, and spaces for gathering. People will be required to leave unsanctioned encampments when space in a village is offered

Reform Policing, Reform and Reinvest in Public Safety

Strong Support to Reform – Not Replace – Portland Police

62% believe Portland Police Bureau is damaged but can be reformed with better leadership and more community oversight

Despite Concerns w/ Police Department, Strengthen Public Safety

58% say that the Portland Police Bureau has a negative impact on the city, while 49% still believe there are too few police and just 18% say right amount of police

91% support to provide city funding to require body cameras worn on all police officers

84% support peaceful protests, police taking all possible steps to avoid confrontations and increasing efforts to isolate, arrest and aggressively prosecute small groups inflicting property damage and violence

People for Portland hired respected pollster FM3 Research to conduct a poll among 802 likely 2022 Portland voters on May 13-18, 2021. The survey has a 3.5% margin of error. People for Portland public opinion research is consistent with polling released earlier this year by The Oregonian conducted by Portland-based DHM Research. 

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