Social Toolkit

Use this social toolkit to encourage others in your social circles to stand up for our community. We’ve provided best practices for sharing on social media, as well as template posts and graphics you can use freely. 

Best Practices 

  • Use our campaign hashtag #PeopleforPortland to keep conversation consistent and searchable on social.  
  • Feel free to tag @people4portland and partner organizations as you see fit. 
  • Actively respond to tweets/comments to encourage others to join in. 

Template Posts 

  • People for Portland is a new organization standing up for our community — and I stand with them. Read more about the effort and get involved: #PeopleForPortland
  • 87% of survey respondents plan to vote out city and county leaders if things do not improve. Are you with us? Follow @People4Portland to keep up with the latest! #PeopleForPortland
  • Portland needs greater urgency and bolder action from our elected leaders to renew the city we love. @People4Portland is demanding action now. Join the movement: #PeopleForPortland
  • We must end the unsheltered homeless crisis in Portland, strengthen accountability and justice, reform and reinvest in public safety, and restore cleanliness and pride. With us? Follow @people4Portland. #PeopleForPortland
  • Join the movement to hold Portland’s elected officials accountable to advance our shared community values. Learn more: #PeopleForPortland
  • 📢  Make your voice heard, Portland.
  • Body cameras on police: where do you stand?
  • Tell us – then tell Portland officials.
  • It’s time to save Portland.
  • Portland is in crisis.
  • How should Portland handle the unsheltered homelessness crisis?

Video Links


To use these graphics, right click and select “Save Image As” then upload them with your social posts.

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