Opinion: A hit-and-run rampage reveals a city in crisis

I finally gave up on Portland last year. I spent nearly my whole life there ­– born at Good Samaritan Medical Center and grew up in Northeast Portland. I was first an Oregon Episcopal School Aardvark, then an Oregon Duck and later worked at Nike for almost 15 years.

One of my favorite memories was from sixth grade, when I attended St. Thomas More Catholic School. The school is at the top of the West Hills, and every morning my mom dropped me and my bike off at the school entrance. At the end of the school day, I’d fly down Vista on my Schwinn, passing the waterfront and crossing the Broadway bridge, until I reached our 100-year-old craftsman in Irvington. I’d be breathless, excited and feeling the deepest gratitude for Portland. I love my city. Always will.

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